The town of Sant’Agata di Esaro is about 30 km away from the Tarsia Nord junction of the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway. The village is located near one of the main mountain crossing passages connecting the Tyrrhenian coast and the Ionian area of the region; for this reason it is easy to reach it from the main roads of northern Calabria.

Useful informations

The closest airport to Sant’Agata di Esaro is the “Sant’Eufemia” Airport of Lamezia Terme (Calabria). The distance between Lamezia Terme Airport and Sant’Agata di Esaro is 136 km.

The nearest railway stations are San Marco-Roggiano (inland, at the Tarsia Nord exit of the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway) and Belvedere Marittimo (along the Tyrrhenian coast).